Training for various types of work in different areas is based on a wholistic image of a person

Training for various types of work in different areas is based on a wholistic image of a person, comprising unity of their psychical, physical and intelectual possibilities. As for implementation of educational programme, it results in intertwining of the subject of research and study. The words stimulating Curiosity, nurturing Intuition, combining Improvisation and Courage are capitalised.

Regardless of the topic of a concrete training programme and the number or participants, individual approach to each client is used and other possibilities of activity opened (without setting the primary task aside), all in search for wholistic artistic expression of all possibilities of a person undergoing a training pocess.


Education / Practicum / Training

in the ways of work and methods developed by Nikša Eterović and his teams can be enrolled by people endowed most of all with curiosty and interest in people, interest in experiencing the world in themselves and around them, interest in group and individual work with persons both when they are turned towards themselves or/and are an active part of group processes.

Various ways of liberating and stimulating creative processes are used, providing support through expressions, ways and forms of the processes, of the very ‘work in progress’ people are enganging in, thus bringing to life a true, meaningful, inspiring, and healing communication between the participants of such work.

Practicum is intended for those whom Nikša Eterović has met with in one of his activities, and recognised as open, curious, and intuitive persons. Those are persons able and ready to embark on exploration and activity without deep fear of insecure spaces and facing their own and other people’s limits. Issues of proximity and distance often result in unexpected and unplanned solutions in group work. Praktikum is currently available at .garage Berlin as part of Ausbildung zum Flϋchtlingshelfer.

Education in duration of four semesters, two years, is available in the form of three elective subjects (HT: Expressive thetre methods in group work, AP: From misstep to step through the healing power of poetry, and TT: Theatre and therapy, similarities and differences) at the University of Zadar, Department of Pychology.

Independent studies are under way by Yellow Rish, Initiative for creative thinking and acting.

Such studies are expected to be offered in cooperation with partners from Zadar, Croatia and Berlin, Germany, starting from 2017.

Education will be available for persons over 21 years of age, having secondary education at the mininum. A four-day entry workshop in duration of 32 lessons (45 minutes) is mandatory prior to enrollment.

Entry workshops will be offerd during the year in various cities in Croatia and Germany. Informaion on the current offer is available at or

Training is organised as a series of workshops and lectures by Nikša Eterović and his team. The program of lectures and workshops deals with the central issue of stimulating and educating curiosity and cretive processes in everyday life, business, prevention, socialisation/resocialisation, and therapy.

Current offers are available at


Education / Practicum / Training

Practicum at .garage Berlin

  • is intended for participants of Ausbildung zum Flϋchtlingshelfer and can be enrolled upon expressed/articulated interest, and interview on motivation for entering this Practicum.


  • individual persons can enroll in the Practicum only providing they have finished 4-month education in the above course, and with prior consent by Nikša Eterović


  • two people at the maximum will be accepted for one two-month Practicum


The Practicum program is simultaneos, separate, or intertwined, following these guidelines:

a) practical work
b) reflection and self-reflection
c) supervision
d) active participation in preparation of seminar contents
e) observation of classes and participation in various groups
f) observing and understanding group processes
g) daily contact and experience sharing with the mentor
h) independent tasks: preparation – implementation and reflection in written and oral form
i) philosophy an support in literature and experiences of various artists

The work will focus on processes and methods of various arts which enable each individual to give their best in group work and encourage them to challenge and overcome their limits.

Experiences of art techniques and therapies will be used along with theatre techniques and therapies, with special emphasis on methods developed by Nikša Eterović, grouped under the common name of Yellow Fish.

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