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Eyes on the fingertips . lullaby from krivodol

Julia Evgenijevna Soubbotina . Augustin Tin Ujeivć

Exhibition – performance

The exhibition is viewed tactilely, eyes on the fingertips give birth to images quite personal and unique.
Julia Evgevnijevna Soubbotina, visual artist from Moscow and Berlin, was inspired for this piece by the narrative poem Lullaby from Krivodol written by Augustin Tin Ujević and translated into German by Barbara Antkowiak.

Julia translated the poem into German Brail, the script used for the blind and visually imapired, and weaved her impressions into 21 paintings for tactile experience.

This exhibition-performance is experienced with eyes closed, touching, individually. In order to provide conditions for full experience, visits are organised in groups of nine persons, according to the schedule provided by invitation-ticket. The duration of the viewing pefrormance is 60 minutes.

Yellow Fish flock is here for your whole unique experience!

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